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Are my downloads unlimited as a premium user?

Yes! Unlimited downloads of our artwork 24 hours 7 days a week.

Do you have demo products?

Yes! it’s free just pay for shipping.

What are the estimated delivery times on my orders?

Delivery time guarantees for orders placed during the months of November and December will only apply to orders using Express Line Shipping products. All other orders placed with standard shipping will not be eligible for replacement or refund until 60 days has elapsed. We encourage all sellers to switch to Express Line Shipping to avoid costly delays during the Holidays.

Which countries have EMS delivery with destination tracking available?

United States, Australia, Canada, France, United Kingdom, Israel, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Switzerland, Denmark, Spain, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea (South), Luxembourg, Mexico, Myanmar, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Poland,  Portugal, Russian Federation, Sweden, Singapore, Turkey, Ukraine.

When will my customers recieve tracking information on their orders?

Tracking numbers will be made available within the specified time frames below and will be automatically sent to customers via the email provided in their order.

Pillow Covers: 5-7 days after order processing.

Cloth Tote Bags: 5-7 days after order processing.

Crew Socks: 5-7 days after order processing.

Leather Tote Bags: 7-10 days after order processing.

Shoulder Handbags: 7-10 days after order processing.

Canvas Saddle Bags: 7-10 days after order processing.

Canvas Shoes: 7-10 days after order processing.

Premium Suede Boots: 7-10 days after order processing.

Sneakers: 7-10 days after order processing.

Slipons: 7-10 days after order processing.

Womens Casual Shoes: 7-10 days after order processing.

Flip Flops: 7-10 days after order processing.


Custom Duties, Tax and charges are not included in our base price. This is a shopper’s responsibility as each country has different Custom Duties and Laws of Taxation.