Return Policy

Last Updated: March 16, 2023

Quality assurance

If there are any quality issues with the product, you must submit a new order or request a refund within 30 days of receiving it. All claims for lost or damaged goods in transit must be filed within 30 days of the estimated delivery date. If we determine that it was our fault, we will bear the cost of the order.

You must provide us with the following information when filing a claim:

  • A description of the problem, including why you require a refund or a new order.
  • Order packing information. For example, order packing method and order number.
  • Photos of damaged order items and packaging.

Refund policy

We do not currently accept returns. Returns are not accepted if there are no quality issues with the product; all customized products are personalized products, and each product is customized. Because of our error, the order was lost. Please contact us as soon as possible so that we can reschedule and send you a new order. All refund processing fees are the same as the cost of the original purchase order, not the product price.

The color does not match the preview image

To minimize color variations, we use the same presses, paper types, and workflow as our printing partners. However, there is no guarantee that the final product will be completely consistent with the design drawing. The following factors influence the printing effect:

  • Computer resolution
  • Product material
  • Product printing technology
  • Room temperature
  • Voltage

If there is a significant difference between the printing effect and the design rendering, it will display two distinct colors. We will either cover the cost of the new order or issue a refund.

Product size variation

Our clothing and footwear come in a variety of sizes and measurements; please use our standard measurements for measurements. If you discover that the product cannot be used normally after receiving it, please contact customer service as soon as possible. We will respond to you satisfactorily.

Faulty or damaged product

It is not your fault if you receive a defective or damaged order, such as a damaged product, an incorrect quantity, or a poor quality product. The new order will be paid for by us.

Recipient policy

Error in recipient information

  • The name of the recipient
  • The phone number of the recipient
  • Receiver’s address

If the carrier determines that your end customer provided insufficient information, the shipment will be returned to the DogeDiy fulfillment center or to the carrier’s specified location. If a new order with an updated address is to be submitted, the new order fee must be paid.

Recipient chooses to decline delivery

If the product is in transit, the order will be returned to the DogeDiy fulfillment center and processed safely due to your unilateral rejection of the order. If you are submitting a new order to update your address, you must pay the new order fee.

Unclaimed order

Some countries’ customs require the recipient to cooperate with customs clearance and other related work, and customs clearance must be completed within a certain time frame. If neither you nor the recipient respond, the order will be destroyed by customs or returned to DogeDiy, and we will not resend it.

Order expired

Orders may appear deposited at a local post office or carrier pickup point due to differences in shipping conditions from country to country. If you receive a call or message from the carrier or the local post office, please go to the designated location as soon as possible to pick up the goods. If there is evidence that the carrier or local post office notified the recipient to pick up the goods but the recipient ignored it, resulting in the order being returned or lost after being stored for an extended period of time, you will be responsible for the cost of the new order.