How It Works

You can choose and design 350+ products to create your own brand e-commerce.

Enjoy DogeDiy customization in 5 simple steps


We offer over 350 different products, including T-shirts, shoes, bags, mugs, and other customizable items. Depending on your niche, you can choose which products to sell. Choose a product price based on the market.


Select product categories on DogeDiy
Start designing your own products on DogeDiy


Upload the image or material you created in DogeDiy’s free model generator. You can change the color at any time and see a real-time preview of the clear product effect. Adjusting the picture position and brightness at the same time is simple.


Order samples from us to ensure that your designs and prints are exactly what you envisioned, providing your customers with a flawless product. This determines whether you can use us as your print on demand provider.

A selection of T-shirts and shoes on DogeDiy as samples
Publish the designed T-shirts to your own website


If you are pleased with our products, you can Publish them into your store. Shopify is currently integrated with DogeDiy. Other e-commerce platforms will be gradually integrated. You can sell your designs to a larger number of online buyers.


When the product you designed is sold, the order will manufacture it and perform a quality inspection in our fulfillment center. It will then be delivered to the customer’s specified location.You create the product, and we handle the rest.

DogeDiy fulfillment center and support for global shipments

Start your own print on demand business right away!