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A female model wears a hoodie with a yellow pattern

350+ items

Shoes, clothing, tumbler & cups, pet supplies, jewelry, and more. 

Lower price

Most print on demand service providers work with factories, but we own our own factories and can offer lower prices than other service providers.

Global shipping

Dogediy collaborates with a number of carriers to ensure that orders are delivered on time. Fedex, DHL, and YunExpress are a few examples.

What is Dogediy

Dogediy is a print on demand business that provides a wide range of print on demand products and services. The most distinguishing ones are footwear and clothing categories. Dogediy recently announced the availability of customized product tool services, allowing your customers to personalize the products they want in your store. All you have to do is add the product to your store.

DogeDiy Work

Featured Products

sports shoes
mesh shoes
low top canvas shoes
high heel shoes
clog shoes
canvas shoes

Most popular categories

A male model wears a t-shirt with a blue animal print
A pale yellow canvas shoe
A colorful mug
A yellow handbag

Why does Dogediy have the ability to provide POD services

Members of the core technical team

Dogediy employs 45 core technicians who are primarily in charge of technology development and website maintenance.Our core technicians invest more in most on-demand printing service companies.

Yearly investment

Dogediy’s annual investment is 3 million yuan, which is only for factory machinery and technology.We hope that Dogediy’s efforts will improve the customer experience.

Number of employees

Dogediy employs 372 people, 10 of whom work in customer service. If you have any questions, please contact us at any time and from any location.We will all respond right away.

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Average production days

Average shipping days

Testimonials from Our Customers

The products are of high quality; however, the app and dashboard take some getting used to. It would be ideal if you could edit the product after you’ve created it. You will receive a prompt response, and there will always be someone on hand to resolve any issues that arise.

Randall Gustafson

Dogediy is a capable POD business partner. The user interface is well-organized, and the tools for creating new products are simple to use. If an issue arises, our support staff is usually available the same day. We are very pleased with this collaboration.

Bobbie Grove

The application functions properly and runs without error. Has a lot of room for improvement. Many features are planned, according to support. Their response was very quick and completely resolved the issues I was having with the app. Thank you kindly. Great app!!

Amanda Dube