Custom home decor

Personalization of your home decor promotes love and warmth. Everyone can help but want to live in their creations, and print on demand home decor makes that possible.

Three landscape wall paintings, one of which hangs over the door.

Create your home decor with DogeDiy

A wallcovering with beach and sunset touches

Personalized touch

Custom home decor allows you to personalize your space and create a look that reflects your personality and style.

Pride of ownership

Owning a home, a space that is entirely yours to create, gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment. A space to be proud of that will bring you joy and comfort for years to come.

Enjoy crisp designs that don't fade

All of our home decoration products are made with high-quality pigments and exquisite craftsmanship. Will not fade.

Your personal fantasy space

As we explore different aesthetics and design elements, different home styles can connect us to different cultures and histories. Each home style, from sleek modern to rustic comfort, has its own distinct personality and charm. There is a home style to suit every taste and preference, whether you prefer the simplicity of Scandinavian design or the grandeur of Victorian architecture. You have your own distinct style. As long as it was created by you, it is yours alone.

Your personal fantasy space

Start customizing your home style!

How to customize home & living

Choose any of two customizable pillows

Select your products

Choose your favorite product from home decor category.

Design your pillow

Add your design

Create and preview live effects in Mockup Generator with your own designs.

Synchronize your designed pillows to your store

Sync to your store

Synchronize to your store with a single click and sell the creations you designed.

The best print on demand home decor for you or your business

Dual-sided stitched fleece blanket

After swimming, your body heat will quickly dissipate, and the most obvious manifestation will be that you will feel cold. Put on this blanket!Even in cold weather, this blanket will keep you warm.

Suede polyester fabric of superior quality

Lining is soft and comfortable

Beautiful double-sided sewing

Quick-drying shower curtain

Would you be overjoyed if you discovered your work in the shower? Yes, of course! Beautiful things always catch our attention and make us want to stay longer. The same is true for creating your own shower curtain.

Waterproof polyester fabric

Design of a round hook hole

Take pleasure in the bath

Frequently asked questions

How many different types of home decoration products do you offer?

We currently offer over 20 different types of home decoration products, and we will continue to update our products on a regular basis.

Is there a discount for purchasing in bulk?

Yes, we will offer discounts for large purchase orders. The specific discount is determined by the product. Inquire with customer service about the discount. At the same time, if your order and shipping addresses are the same, you can even apply for a shipping discount.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

No, we do not have a minimum order quantity. You can place your order based on your requirements.

Is there any kind of quality control?

When the product is completed, it will be subjected to a series of quality inspections. If there is a quality issue, we will address it promptly and arrange for re-production. Please also carefully read the “Return Policy” for more information.

Design your dream home decor!